Provincetown Impressionist Masters of the 20th Century

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Henry Hensche - Autumn, Provincetown 16 by 20 $15,000 Close-up | Full Frame
Henry Hensche - Autumn, Provincetown 16 by 20 $15,000 Close-up | Full Frame
John Whorf - Trap Boat Provincetown 22 by 30 $50,000 Close-up
Charles Hawthorne - Provincetown watercolor 9 by 12 $9,500 Close-up
Ross Moffett - Provincetown Dunes 16 by 20 sold Close-up
First Mate Portrait of Captian John Atkins Cook 48 by 48
(subject of the Eugene O'Neill play "Ile") price on request Close-up
Ross Moffet - Pilgrim Lake 20 by 29 $35,000 Close-up
Gerrit Beneker - Lost 8 by 11 $4,500
Sol Wilson - View of Provincetown 16 by 20 $5,400 Close-up
Henry Hensche - Still Life with Daisies 20 by 24 $18,000 Close-up
Henry Hensche - Portrait of a Young Girl 30 by 38 $9,500 Close-up
Henry Hensche - Still with Copper Pot 20 by 24
Henry Hensche - Studio Stove 20 by 24 $15,000 Close-up

The Boston Globe wrote in 1916...


Biggest Art Colony in the World at Provincetown

" A little world of its own - distinct in nearly every way from the real and historic Provincetown, but vitalizing in an artistic way all that the old town stands for, and all that is has stood for since the first Pilgrim landed here, in 1620, and the compact for freedom and independence was signed in the cabin of the Mayflower in this harbor."

..."The sun doesn't always shine in Provinetown, however. There are stomy days, and gray days, and drab days, but these are also interesting to the painters"... "These is a distinctive quality in the light of the place at all times, so that nearly every phase of the weather has a particular color charm for the painter."

By A.J. PHILPOTT Biggest Art Colony at Provincetown